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Regional Leader (formerly emerging leader)

Begin in 2003, this award recognizes individuals for their exemplary leadership skills and their commitment to the fields of health care facility management, design, and construction within the CAHED community. Individuals are nominated and selected by the Board of Directors.

Past Recipients

2003 - Dave Cottle*
2004 - Michael Herbst*
2005 -
2006 - Matthew F Baretich*
2007 - James A Feist*
2008 - Joe Hart
2009 - Joe Hart
2010 - Scot Garcia
2011 - Scot Garcia
2012 - Rob Reid
2013 - Sean Mulholland*
2014 - Jerry McFarland
2015 - Rhonda Skallan
2016 - Chad Kruse*
2017 - Darren Boyle

2018 - Darren Boyle

2019 - Jamie Staton

2020 - Jamie Staton

2021 - Sean Tracy

2022 - Sean Tracy

*Denotes Leaders for Region 8

David and Donna Howard Award

The Colorado Association of Healthcare Engineers and Director (CAHED) has a long standing tradition of recognizing the special commitment and dedication of select members of the organization for their special contributions not only to the organization but also to the healthcare community at large. The CAHED Board of Directors selects recipients of this award based entirely on service and long term contributions.

This award received the name "The David and Donna Howard Award" in recognition of the exceptional contribution by both David and Donna Howard to the growth and success of this organization. David, a longtime CAHED member, served multiple terms on the Board of Directors and three terms as President of the organization over the years. He provided this organization with thoughtful leadership and developed leaders both in and out of the CAHED community. Donna served this organization as the Events Coordinator for many years. Her dedication to CAHED, attention to the multitude of details, and endless planning efforts for meetings and programs brought national recognition to the Colorado organization. Under Donna's quiet leadership, CAHED conferences gained access to nationally recognized speakers who could speak to the issues at the forefront of the industry. David and Donna Howard, who exemplify the dedication to the organization and the healthcare community that the award was originally conceived to recognize, where the first recipients of the award.

Past Recipients

2013 - David and Donna Howard
2014 - Roy Mucilli
2015 - Jerry McFarland
2016 - Scott Jussell

2019 - Mike Wood


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