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New IECC submittal requirements policy

Based on the newly-adopted International Energy Conservation Code, Denver will now require drawings to document the energy-compliance path for building envelope and systems. This early submittal step will help expedite plan reviews, ensure compliant drawings and improve inspection results. This policy will hopefully have a tremendous impact on the quality of submittals and specifically outline best practices that will ultimately create more energy efficient buildings in Denver. Read the policy >>

Here is Denver’s Building Code transition plan:

2016 Denver Building Code Transition

With the adoption of the 2016 Denver Building Code, the city will be in a transition period until the new code’s effective date: September 12, 2016,

Before 9/12/16, customers may apply for building permits under the 2011 code or the 2016 code.

On 9/12/16 and after, customers must adhere to the 2016 code unless given prior approval, according to Building Code Policy DBC Section 103.10.

For major projects established to be in design during the drafting of the new building code (before 3/7/16): If applications for building permits are expected to be after 9/12/16, but you wish to proceed under the 2011 Denver Building Code, the owner or owner’s agent for the project must submit a letter no later than Friday, August 26, 2016 that includes:

  1. Request to proceed under the 2011 Denver Building Code
  2. Address of the project
  3. Description, number of stores, floor area, occupancy, etc. of the project
  4. Date design drawings were commenced (must be prior to 3/7/2016)
  5. Intended date of construction drawing submission to CPD
  6. Commitment that permits will be obtained and construction of the project will commence by 3/12/17 (180 days after the new code’s effective date)
  7. Commitment that the project will be completed by 9/12/18 (24 months after the new code’s effective date)

Submit letters via email to Building Official Scott Prisco ( Decisions will be issued within five business days.

Type-approved structures approved by Denver’s building official under the previously adopted code and prior to 9/12/16 may continue to be permitted and constructed under the 2011 Denver Building Code for 180 days after 9/12/16.


Link to Denver’s 2016 Amendments:

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