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CMS Adoption

With CMS’ adoption of the 2012 NFPA 101, one of the impacts to facility operations is that Fire Suppression Systems are to be maintained, inspected, and tested in accordance with the 2011 version of NFPA 25 rather than the 1998 version.    However, the State of Colorado Department Of Public Safety Division of Fire Prevention and Control has adopted the 2014 version.    So you will need to be maintaining, inspecting, and testing in accordance with the 2014 version, as well as the 2011 version.

One of the highly discussed effects of the 2011 version at the ASHE Conference, in ASHE Newsletters, and in other journals is that the weekly no-flow (churn) tests for Electric Fire Pumps has been reduced to monthly.  However, the 2014 version went back to weekly testing for high rises and in certain other situations.  Here is an excerpt from the 2014 version:


Therefore, before you reduce your no-flow testing to monthly, review 2014 NFPA 14 to confirm you really can.  Your qualified Fire Suppression testing and maintenance contractors or the Fire Protection consultants you work with should be able to assist you.

Bottom line, the challenge inherent in Healthcare of having to deal with multiple AHJs and multiple versions of code have not changed, even if the codes themselves have.

Here is a link to the current CDFPC Fire Suppression Regulations (effective 8/30/2015):

If you have any questions, please contact the ASHE Code Advocacy Liason for CAHED, Mark Jelinske at 303-462-8475 or

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